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Happy Wheels 3

Happy Wheels 3
DescriptionHappy Wheels is a side-scrolling, physics-based, obstacle course gamewith over a billion plays online and is now available for your mobile devices. The goal of the game also differs depending on the level. In most levels the goal is to reach a finish line or to collect tokens. Many levels feature alternate or nonexistent goals for the player. The game controls are shown just under the main game window making it fairly easy to understand and play. Movement mechanisms primarily include acceleration and tilting controls. Happy Wheels features a level editor which allowsplayers to create custom levels of their own. It contains a plethora of tools and objects for level building such as harpoon guns,blocks and vans. Users can upload their maps to a public server where they are accessible. Assume the role of your adequately prepared racer and ignore severe consequences in a desperate search for victory.
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